Meet The Cardiologist Bringing Style and Authenticity To The Medical Field

Meet The Cardiologist Bringing Style and Authenticity To The Medical Field

When you think of creatives, what are the occupations that come to mind? Is it musically based careers, painters, clothing brand designers, or software designers? Those are very much creative occupations, but would you ever consider careers that come with more of a structured serious rulebook on how to get the job done? Creativity lies within every aspect of the workforce from teachers, first responders, lawyers, and up to the highest level–doctors.

Dr. Eddie Hacker III is one of those people that doesn’t fit nicely into your typical creative occupation box. Pursuing a specialization in cardiology, Dr. Hackler doesn’t shy away from the task of inspiring all those he encounters and leaving positive impacts on the lives of his patients and their families. You can find him on Tik Tok documenting a typical day in the life, as well as sporting the flyest fits you've ever seen a doctor rock. 
Gucci Sneakers

He prides himself on being authentic, giving prognoses in an honest humanistic manner avoiding the sense of blame being placed on the patient. Dr. Hackler believes in treating each patient as respectable adults and offering empathy and support where it’s needed. 

Growing up the eldest child in his family Dr. Hackler found himself becoming a natural leader––hoping his actions inspired those around him to set their goals high and execute against them.

In a field where there is stress lurking in every aspect, Eddie finds his peace in the comfort of his family, staying active in the gym and traveling on a consistent basis. When he gets to spend quality time with his loved ones, it’s like a breath of fresh air for him, reminding him of his “why’s” and the extra support he has around him when he needs it.

The Capsoul Pack With Dr. Eddie Hackler

Along with family support, he also has an affirmation wall that he sees everyday with different quotes to give him the extra mental boost he needs to tackle each day, one quote in particular that gets him through rough patches is “I have a grateful heart that keeps attracting all the things I deeply desire”.

In some time Eddie will be taking his career to Atlanta to inspire and heal others in a new community, but he will be sure to keep his cologne, brush, wallet, stethoscope, passport, AirPods, and a gallon of water with him. Atlanta may be a new location, but it’s the same essentials in his bag!

Follow Dr. Eddie Hackler on TikTok and IG @theblackdoctor. 

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